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Beautiful Malta
Malta is situated in the beautiful Mediterranean sea. It is to the south of Sicily and to the east of Tunisia. Malta is a place where many cultures have collided throughout past centuries. It’s a fortress island in the middle of the Mediterranean , which.....

Dive Sites



1. Cirkewwa.

on the North-West side of the Island is Cirkewwa. This is one of the most popular dive siteson the island because of the diversity of dives that you can choose from:

- The statue of the Madonna.

Ideal for training dives, or for the first dive of your holiday as a fantastic check dive. The statue is placed at 17 metres, and is a lovely dive on the right hand reef wall, with loads of marine life and even some swim-throughs on the way.

- Right Arch.

The Right Arch is a perfect example of the stunning underwater topography in Malta, it's deepest point is around 20 metres, rising to 12 metres at the top. This site is very picturesque, and the way to the arch is a treat in itself! Suitable for every level of diver.

- The Tugboat Rozi

Sitting upright on a sandy bottom at a depth of 36 metres, the Rozi is a splendid dive for the advanced diver. The bow is breathtaking and a lot of marine life have made the Rozi their home, so a perfect mix of wreck and reef!

- P 29 Patrol Boat

The P29 was sunk in 2007 as an artificial reef, and lays at 35 metres. Rays and gurnards are commonly seen on this dive. Suitable for penetration, commonly used for the Wreck specialty. A must see for the advanced diver.

- Left arch

On this dive there are many different types of under-water scenery to both observe and explore. At the halfway point of the dive we come to the breathtaking arch. This very pristine dive is enjoyed by everyone, from scuba diver to the most advanced. 

2. Wied iz-Zurrieq (Blue Grotto)

Two seperate dives can be done on the opposite reefs of this valley. The valley itself is beautiful and full of marine life, with baby barracuda, octopus, moray and many more. The reef walls on either side are also a haven for life of all shapes and sizes. This site is suitable for all levels of diver. 

3. The Um el Faroud.

Possibly the best wreck in the whole Mediterranean, The Um el Faroud is a Libyan oil tanker, which is a 110 metres long and 16 metres wide, it is by far also the biggest intact recreational wreck we have. Ideal for advanced divers and above, it is loved by Tec divers with ample opportunity for penetration. Maximum depth is 35 metres. A must see when diving in Malta!

4. Ghar Lapsi.

Ghar Lapsi is a very small hamlet on the South coast. This beautiful site is perfect for all level of diver. There's a bit of everything needed for a relaxing, chilled out dive. Perhaps the jewel in it's crown is the cave system which can be used to access the outer reef, with numerous swim-throughs, and normally bustling with life. This is the place to see cuttlefish, flying gurnards and even the occasional ray! 

5. Anchor Bay.

Situated next to Popeye Village, Anchor bay is a small inlet with one of the prettiest views on the island. The dive itself includes a large cave, where you can surface, an amazing experience! This is a dive to be enjoyed by every level of diver with a maximum depth of 12 metres.

6. H.M.S. Maori.

The H.M.S. Maori is a historically important WWII wreck at St. Elmo, Valletta. The dive is very good for entry level divers, with a maximum depth of 14 metres. The bow section of the wreck is very close to the reef. Lots of sea life can be found here.

7. St. Michael and Tugboat 10.

At a depth of 22 metres the two tugs were scuttled upright on a flat sandy bottom and have created an oasis for marine life. The dive is accessible to divers of all levels. Particularly dived when we have prevailing north-westerly winds, because it's well protected.

8. Tug 2

Recently added to our collection of artificial reefs. Tug 2 is located in Sliema, Exiles point. Marine life is starting to make the wreck their home. This site has a maximum depth of 20 metres, and the wreck is perfect for penetration. A great spot for open water divers and everyone beyond.

There are numerous other dive sites around Malta, if you have questions about availability, or just need more information please send us an email!




Gozo & Comino


We also often dive our little sister islands, Gozo from shore (by ferry), and Comino by dive boat. 

1. Inland Sea

On the north-west coast of Gozo is the Inland sea. Starting with an amazing view at the surface, continuing in an 80 metre tunnel, and followed by a remarkable reef, this is a must do dive when visiting Malta! Enjoyed by all level of divers.

2. Blue Hole

This is a dive normally combined with the Inland Sea. The Blue Hole is probably the most famous dive site we have on our archipelago. Starting off in the blue hole itself, followed by couple of swim-throughs, and culminating in a swim under the world famous Azure Window. The reefs on this dive are beautiful, and a number of caves can be explored - often finished with an exit through a breathtaking chimney! All level of divers can enjoy this dive, from scuba diver to technical divers.

3. The M.V. Karwela

Scuttled in 2006, sitting perfectly upright on the sandy bottom and close to the reef, we find the old passenger ferry. A stunning dive from bow to stern and opened for full penetration. The deepest point of the Karwela is at 42 metres so this dive is for the more experienced and advanced diver. Also commonly dived by technical divers, and ideal to do deep specialty or technical courses.


4. The M.V. Cominoland

Sunk on the same day as the Karwela, only 25 minutes later and on the same site - Xatt L'Ahmar. It also used to be a passenger ferry and once out of service and made environmentally friendly, it was put down as an artificial reef on the seabed close to the shore. Because of its depth of 42 metres, this is also a dive for the more experienced diver.

5. P31 Patrol Boat

On the 'baby' of the three islands, Comino, we have the P31 patrol boat. This is the sister ship of the P29, with one big advantage as it's maximum depth is 21 metres, which not only makes it accessible for open water divers, but also allows much more bottom time on the wreck itself. The P31 has also been fully opened for penetration, making it a fantastic playground for those looking to explore the wreck.This is a boat dive in combination with another dive around Comino.

6. Santa Marija Caves

This dive site is situated on the rugged northeast coat of Comino. Lots of swim-throughs and a beautiful cave system, make this a dive well worth bringing your camera on! You can also surface in the cave where a scene from the movie "The Count of Monte Cristo" was filmed.

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