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Beautiful Malta
Malta is situated in the beautiful Mediterranean sea. It is to the south of Sicily and to the east of Tunisia. Malta is a place where many cultures have collided throughout past centuries. It’s a fortress island in the middle of the Mediterranean , which.....


Malta is the perfect place for all levels of divers - from your first tentative experience under the water; all the way up to Tec diving. The beautiful Maltese Islands are famous for their crystal clear waters, with an average visibility range of 30 – 40 metres.

It’s so good that we don’t usually need any kind of dive light – even on the deeper dives..
We have a wide selection of cave dives, wreck dives and many, many reef dives. There is great diving suitable for everyone.!

Having many different dives and dive sites makes training for all levels easy. Here at Buddies we offer a wide range of PADI courses and with the multiple dive spots around Malta, Gozo and Comino we can easily find a site suitable for almost any type of diving! 



Diving is available all year round. In the Winter months the water reaches a minimum of 14 degrees, where a 5-7mm suit is appropriate and in the Summer we can have up to a maximum of 29 degrees so only a shortie wetsuit is necessary. Being a small Island, only 27 Km (16.8 Miles) long and 14.5 Km (9 miles) across, shore diving is easily accessible over the entire island.

Malta offers an impressive selection of Marine life including Bream, Wrasse, Grouper and Parrot fish. On the wrecks you can often spot Tuna, Amber Jacks, Dentex, Barracuda and for all of those with a good eye a selection of Nudibranchs.

It is also possible to see Stingrays, Eagle Rays, Flying Gurnards, Seahorses and Cuttlefish fairly regularly. In the nooks and crannies of the reef you may encounter Crabs, Octopus and Moray Eels. John Dory are also around in the cooler months.

We are fortunate to have the luxury of Malta's sister islands being very close by. We regularly visit Gozo and Comino. Gozo is only a short ferry ride away, with numerous sites to be explored, some of our favourites are the Inland Sea, Blue Hole and The Azure Window. Gozo also has some very special wreck dives for the more experienced diver.

Comino is even closer, and is famous for a variety of stunning cave dives. In the clear blue water around Comino we regularly see Tuna, Amber Jacks and the larger Groupers. The Comino dives usually include the fantastic Santa Maria Caves and during the surface interval we normally visit the beautiful Blue Lagoon.

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